Thursday, October 27, 2011

the next iron chef

so i went to the doctor this week.

i've had this love affair with ice for the past year and a half. if only i had a nickel for every time someone asked me if was iron deficient....i'd be rich. so, i bit the bullet and decided to finally go to the doctor.

guess what. i'm iron deficient. and i have a vitamin d deficiency too....which makes sense since i can't remember the last time i drank a full glass or milk.

what does it mean? it means i take pills now. pills that make my stomach hurt. pills that will hopefull make me feel less tired.

i figure this is a good a time as any to stop eating ice...seeing as how it's turning bitterly cold outside, and eating ice only lowers my core temperature.



I will miss the days of watching you eat ice. Love your face.

Katie said...

Hey I just started taking vitamins too! And eww... they DO make me feel gross inside. Are you REALLY giving up the ice?